Gems and Stones

The word Ratna (the gems) was first mentioned in the oldest book that human civilization has produced, the rig veda. They reference is found in its first mantra, which is academically called, the shloka. People of all civilizations and countries have always recognized the importance of the gems in day to day life. Later, down the ages, many books were written on the marvelous effects of gems and jewels on human life. The most of these are on gemology. Ones exclusively on the astrological application of gems – also the jewels and the precious or the semi-precious stones — on human life as remedy are not written enough. Never of course was any evaluation of life under the influence of gems attempted. The fundamental astrological questions – such as, why should one wear a gem? or, which are the scientific explanations in support of such wearing? or, would wearing a gem or a jewel or a precious or a semi precious stone turn a man’s ill-luck into a lucky one? would gem after worn on person eradicate the chronic diseases or other human ailments? which are its relations with different mantras (or the ritual slokas)? – were never answered in any book or treatise.

There are also some such pertinent questions that would dog after wearing gems on person as, which semi-precious stones or gems can one wear if the precious or the original one is not fount? or, which are the ritualistic observations that should be all right while wearing them? or, what is the tree of stars? or, which plants or herbs might compensate in case even the semi-precious stones cannot be acquired? or, which are the processes to inseminate life.

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