Since ancient times man has been fascinated and attracted by the Pyramids. We have also been hearing interesting stories about Pyramids. Pyramid is one of the seven wonders of the world. Even now the history & nystery Pyramids remains unfolded, and it is a subject of curiosity and amazement.

These days we hear a lot of discussions and disputed views regarding Pyramids and in the new millennium we quite often hear about discussions n topics like Pyramid mansion/buildings, Pyramid therapy, Pyramid water, Pyramid goggles, Pyramid pens, Pyramid watches, Pyramid Yantra, Mantra and Tantra and various other gadgets relating to Pyramids. Pyramid related gadgets and devices can be commonly come across as we see many gadgets and devices of Acupressure. In order to mollify Vaastu defects or efficiencies, Pyramid therapy is also used with gay abondon. All these developments indicate as if we have stepped into an era of Pyramids.
We continue to receive letters many clients requesting us to guide them whether a pyramid should be processed from metal, Plastic cardboard, glass or stone? How do Pyramids cast their impact? What is the status of Pyramids in the five elements etc? Some our clients also require whether pyramid therapy falls under the category of Feng Shui have often been asked about the variation existing between dome of a emple and a Pyramid. Some historians and astrologers also put a poser vhether Vaastu Shastra is more ancient or Pyramid’s construction. Since main flooded with the said and many other’ such enquiries an buuk’lAfcluoivcly of the object, that roadcro is a common knowledge that the concepts of ‘ZERO’ and IGLE1 are the inventions of Indian genius and scientist. Power of has been used in Yantra, Mantra and Tantra sciences since the era. The huts erected in forests, and villages (prior to for years of Christ) are, in fact, the basis of Pyramids, because all r huts were actually triangular. When the shape and form such it assigned the shape of temples.Intones ago Greek students visited India and acquired education in faxiliand Nalanda Universities and history bears testimony to it. Similarly, .Indian scholars also visited Iran and popularised Indian architecture there and other countries. So, it proves that the Pyramid Science was well known ! to the Indians. ‘Pyramid’ has been described as ‘MERU’ in Hindu treatises. In South : India Vrihdeeshvar temple at Tanjavoor, and Mahabalipuram temple, at the coast, are excellent examples of triangular/Pyramid-shaped temples. Apart from it, ‘Mcruprishthiya Shri Yatra’ encompassed power of 108 Pyramids, and no foreign scholar has, so far, been able to comprehend the secret, lying behind this pyramidal geometry. The central part of a pyramid is taken as a centre-point, from where the pyramidal height is raised. In Hindu temples the centre-part is known as the ‘Brahma-Sthan’. There is also a ‘Garbha-Griha’ in a temple (say a basement) and it exists also in a pyramid. Golden (ornamented) top of a dome in a temple is also ‘Pyramidion1 of the Pyramid. Pyramidion is also made of either gold, silver or alloy. According to the Egyptian civilization and belief a ‘Mummy’ kept uderneath a pyramid possesses divine power, while an idol kept under done of a temple also possesses an awakened power (Chaitanya Shakti). It is a unique and strange Coincidence and fact that before establishing an idol in a temple, it is purified/sanctified and ritual of ‘Netronumeelan’ also performed and the same rituals are following before idol is placed/entered in a pyramid-such a similarity is really full of astomishment. It can be easily concluded that ; Vedic rituals got transmitted to Egyptian civilization also, and they look . interwoven. Vedic concept of multiplicity of deities/gods is also reflected in Muslim civilization, even when the Muslims do believe in one god only. The present generation should study as to how such a similarity is noticed in Muslim Civilization.

A Vedic Scholar established similarity between supreme Power’s unit of energy with that of ‘Pyramid’ and coined an excellent term as PARAMIDM. We purchased rarely available books, studied thus, added to my knowledge. We studied the books with an approached, thoroughly pierced into minute details and tested and verified the given knowledge^When I inspected with the help of scientific instruments, in connection with energy existing in a temple’s compound, and observed that effect of positive lasts uptp 250 feet within the precincts of temple, when such an ergy is found only in ‘King chamber’ of the pyramid which is situated at the basement. But, it is not always possible that the energy we experience in the king-thunder should necessarily be a positive energy because some persons have also experienced negative energy therein. I processed pyramids using metal and plastic as vehicles, some, Yantra, Tantraarrd Mantra related experiments we also carried out.

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